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A stable crypto token with an inner value that reduces volatility and allows you to diversify your crypto portfolio. SRC enables easy access to the Swiss real estate market, provides voting rights, and is far more efficient and transparent than direct real estate investments or classic real estate funds. Swiss real estate has been one of the safest and most stable investments over the years. Additionally, by generating blockchain-based Intellectual Property (e.g. our Management & Investment Assistant MIA), the real estate portfolio is transparently displayed to token holders at all times.
On the one hand, SRC provides stability in the sense of downside protection and intact upside potential. Due to the link to the real estate values, the SRC has an inner value which acts as a lower bound of the market price, if the price is below portfolio value the token holders would vote to liquidate. On the other hand rental income and licensing lead to a steady growth of the inner value. A mechanism is in place ensuring that market value and inner value do not diverge by too much (else more coins are going to be sold and invested into real estate). On the other hand, it grants investors access to Swiss commercial real estate, thereby adding liquidity to that asset class. Token holders can use the platform to vote on the properties acquired into the portfolio and educate themselves with all the real estate data available to them.
​The smart contract of the SRC token is responsible to act as a voucher scheme of the economics within the CRE protocol. Tokens can be used for voting or be deposited within contracts of tokenized properties depending on the needs of the programmed business process.

Public Sale Starts At

Unknown date

Total Hardcap $150,000,000

Token: SRC

Token type: ERC - 20

ICO price: 1 SRC = 1 CHF

Finite token number: 1,000,000,000

Token Allocation: 92% Community | 1% Bounty | 7% Team, Partners & Advisors

Availability: Worldwide

Status: Whitepaper ready

Accepted Currencies: ETH, BTC, USD, EURO, CHF

Sumbit KYC
25% bonus

crowd sale
Token Distribution: July 2018

Cap: 150,000,000 CHF
May 23 - Jun 30
25% Bonus

Team Members

brigitte – Jorn P

Brigitte Luginbühl


yakimovich – Jorn P

Yauhen Yakimovich


burlando – Jorn P

Luca Burlando


jordi – Jorn P

Sarah Jordi


gutierrez – Jorn P

Yannick Gutierrez

Digital Marketing & Social Media Manager

Advisory Board

thorstenhens – Jorn P (1)

Prof. Dr. Thorsten Hens

cavizel – Jorn P

Dr. Christoph Caviezel

tobias reichmuth – Jorn P

Dr. Tobias Reichmuth

patrick adenauer – Jorn P

Dr. Patrick Adenauer

alex rechhuber – Jorn P

Dr. A. Reichhuber


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