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    ARPA is a blockchain based privacy computation network, which enables data to be shared and used without disclosing the raw data to anyone during data-at-use.
    ARPA network is flexible, easy-to-use, and compatible with existing blockchains such as Ethereum and EOS. Secure Multi-party Computation (MPC) allows a set of parties to jointly compute a function over their inputs while keeping them private. The correctness of computation is verifiable even under majority malicious condition using secret sharing and information theoretic Message Authentication Code (MAC). Lightning fast performance for mass adoption via verifiable computation. Off-chain computation network capable of industrial-level computation and storage.
    Token will be used for payments transactions and for utility purposes.

    Public Sale Starts At

    Unknown date

    Hardcap is unknown

    Token: ARP

    Token type: Own Wallet

    Status: Litepaper is ready.


    Twitter 20,977 followers

    Telegram 13,231 members

    Team Members

    ARPA Team

    Lei Zhang


    ARPA Team

    Felix Xu


    ARPA Team

    Alex Guantong Su

    Cryptography Researcher

    ARPA Team

    Yemu Xu


    ARPA Team 5

    Jiang Chen

    Software Engineer

    ARPA Team 6

    Chuang Han


    ARPA Team

    Bomo Shen

    System Architect

    Advisory board

    ARPA Team

    Prof. Bin Xiao


    ARPA Team
    Founding Partner @Arrington XRP Capital, Founder of TechCrunch

    Michael Arrington


    ARPA Team

    Ben Gorlick


    ARPA Team

    Prof. Panos Ipeirotis


    ARPA Team

    Prof. Qinming He


    ARPA Team

    Ajay Lakhotia



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