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    Open Rights Exchange (ORE) protocol provides a decentralized, immutable standard for payment and rights management for APIs. AIKON is transforming the API economy into blockchain-enabled decentralized services “dServices” and making them accessible in the decentralized API marketplace.
    AIKON will provide its own suite of APIs to make foundational software building blocks available to developers, such as hosting, streaming, transcoding, and others. At launch, AIKON will provide, at a minimum, the first registry which is a manually curated list of APIs that AIKON has certified as high quality. AIKON will also open source the rules and smart contract code for creating new registries to make it easy for token holders to create and profit from their own registry enterprises.
    Tokens will be used for payments, transactions and for utility purposes across the platform.

    Public Sale Starts At

    Unknown date

    Hardcap is unknown

    Token: ORE

    Token type: ERC-20

    Status: Whitepaper is ready.

    Accepted currencies: ETH


    Twitter 3,501 followers

    Telegram 1,691 members

    Team Members

    AIKON Team

    Stefan Roever


    AIKON Team

    Betsabe Botaitis


    AIKON Team

    Marc Blinder


    AIKON Team

    Tray Lewin


    AIKON Team

    David Watson

    Sr. Systems Architect

    AIKON Team

    Surabhi Lodha

    Developer, Core Tech

    Advisory board

    AIKON Team

    Masaru (Mas) Sakamoto


    AIKON Team

    Min H. Kim


    AIKON Team

    Connie Wong


    AIKON Team

    Grant Hummer


    AIKON Team

    Karl Ginter


    AIKON Team

    Max Robbins



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