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    Foam space

    FOAM – The Consensus Driven Map of the World. It is an open protocol for decentralized, geospatial data markets.
    Empowers a permissionless and autonomous network of radio beacons that can offer secure location services independent of external centralized sources such as GPS through time synchronization. Building spatial protocols, standards and applications that bring geospatial data to blockchains and can empower a consensus-driven map of the world.
    A cryptographic software utility token used to provide computational work and verification to the network.

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    Public Sale Ended

    10 Aug 2018

    Total raised
    $16,548,796 / $24,000,000



    Token: FOAM

    Token type: ERC-20

    Token Allocation: 4.5% Pre-Sale, 30% 1st Token Sale, 20% 2nd Token Sale, 15% Development Grant, 10% Foundation, 15% Founders, 5.5% Partners/Advisers

    Status: Whitepaper is ready.

    Accepted currencies: ETH

    ROI since ICO

      FOAM token

      Current price: 0.029293392$,
      0.00000906BTC, 0.0003422161ETH
      Volume 24H: 305,778$ Market Cap: $


      Twitter 12,703 followers

      Facebook 12,583 likes

      Telegram 10,798 members

      Team Members

      Foam Space Taem Member

      Ryan John King

      Co-founder, CEO

      Foam Space Taem Member

      Kristoffer Josefsson

      Co-founder, CTO

      Foam Space Taem Member

      Katya Zavyalova

      Co-founder, CCO

      Foam Space Taem Member

      Martin Allen

      Senior Blockchain Engineer

      Foam Space Taem Member

      Arthur Röing Baer

      Creative Marketing Director

      Foam Space Taem Member

      Ilya Ostrovskiy

      Protocol Engineer

      Advisory board

      Foam Space Taem Member

      Alyssa Wright


      Foam Space Taem Member
      CSO at Gnosis

      Matt Liston



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