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Perlin is a highly scalable, PoS smart contract platform that achieves throughput of 31,000+ TPS and consistently has 0 to 4 second time to finality, all of which is made possible by Wavelet, a DAG-based probabilistic consensus mechanism. Perlin has a leaderless PoS protocol which does not use committees or delegation, thereby ensuring the security properties of bitcoin but speeds comparable to private chains.
Perlin offers the first true leaderless proof of stake which allows ledgers to be run securely and efficiently. Perlin introduces WebAssembly smart contracts with developer friendly SDKs where even existing software can be modified to become decentralised with a few lines of code. Perlin has an equitable platform that not only promotes genuine decentralisation through a leaderless implementation like Bitcoin but removes the minimal hardware requires instilled by it, allowing nodes to run on mobile phones
The use cases intended for PERL mainnet tokens include but are not limited to: Payment for transaction fees, Payment for smart contract fees, Stake for running a validator node. Prior to the Wavelet mainnet release, the ERC-20 PERL tokens can be used for Clarify Personal, an application which allows users to attach proof of ownership onto the Perlin blockchain.

IEO Ended

25 Aug 2019

Total Hardcap

Token: PERL

Token type: ERC-20

ICO price: 1 PERL = 0.07743 USD

Finite token number: 1,033,200,000 PERL

Token Allocation: Seed Sale 20%, Strategic Sale 19.49%, Treasure 19.13%, Team 15%, Advisors 9.65%, Public Sale 8.38%, Private Sale 8.36%,

Availability: Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Belarus, Democratic Republic of Congo,Cuba, Côte d'Ivoire, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Liberia, Macedonia, Myanmar, Serbia, Sudan, Syria, United States of America and its territories (American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands), Zimbabwe Cannot Participate in the Sale

Status: Whitepaper Ready

Accepted Currencies: BNB


Date: Aug 24 - Aug 25
Cap: 6,700,000 USD
Price: 1 PERL = $0.07743 USD

Public Sale

Date: Aug 2019
Raised: $6,700,000 USD
Price: 1 PERL = $0.07743 USD

Private Sale

Date: Jul 2018
Raised: $15,498,000 USD
Price: 1 PERL = $0.20 USD

Strategic Sale

Date: May 2018
Raised: $24,548,832 USD
Price: 1 PERL = $0.12 USD

Seed Sale

Date: Jan 2018
Raised: $6,199,200 USD
Price: 1 PERL = $0.06 USD

Team Members

Dorjee Sun Perlin Team Member

Dorjee Sun

Project Manager & Co-founder

Kenta Iwasaki Perlin Team Member

Kenta Iwasaki

CTO & Co-founder

Anup Malani Perlin Team Member

Anup Malani, PhD

Research, Strategic & Commercial Partnerships Global Lead

Ajay Prakash Perlin Team Member

Ajay Prakash

Business Development & Partnerships

Advisory Board

Shuoji – Perlin Adivosry Board
Founding Partner of FBG Capital

Vincent Zhou


Taiyang – Perlin Adivosry Board
CEO at Republic Protocol

Taiyang Zhang


Howard – Perlin Adivosry Board

Howard Wu


Michael Arrington Perlin Advisory Board

Michael Arrington


Rob – Perlin Adivosry Board

Rob Eldridge



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