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Electrify is the first retail electricity marketplace in Singapore and we're developing the first decentralized energy marketplace that runs on the blockchain.
1. Lack of transparency in terms of retail energy prices, the sources of energy and the carbon footprint. 2. Barriers to clean energy. 3. Consumer Credit Risk.
1. Listing deposits for energy producers and retailers to access Electrify’s ecosystem 2. Transaction fees paid by Energy Providers to Electrify 3. Loyalty rewards for consumers

Electrify.Asia Review and Rating




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  • Project Feasibility: The new marketplace will integrate into the existing and growing platform Electrify.SG. The team has vast experience and connections in Singapore’s energy industry, and has successfully attracted most of the county’s energy retailers to its platform. The penetration into the market will be easier via their existing and successful business and it seems like they are in a great position to accept households to their platform once the electricity market in Singapore fully deregulates.
  • Based on Main national electricity Grid In order to connect consumers and prosumers to the platform one does not have to change the existing electricity grid. This is unlike many other peer to peer energy trading solutions based on a new electric microgrid setup. In Electrify, the connection can be done online. A smart meter will be set up in households of countries that don’t yet have smart meters (an electric meter that can be monitored from a distance).
  • Strong partnership with OmiseGO: Electrify will use OmiseGO’s technology for a low cost and high volume transaction solution. OmiseGO is a highly respected project in the crypto industry. Its decision to pilot their technology with Electrify.Asia gives the project great credibility, and a great head start into the crypto sphere.
  • Fair ICO terms: Electrify is looking to raise 30M USD, 20M USD is already committed to buy strong strategic partners worldwide. No bonus was given and half of the private allocation is locked for 3 months on investments of more than 300k USD. 10M USD will be evenly distributed between whitelist members. Reasonable hard cap, no bonus to early contributors and a lockup of around 5-10M USD (private allocation) should protect the initial price of ELEC from going below the ICO price.


  • High Transation Volume needed for Token Price to Rise: For the ELEC token to rise in price greatly and receive its value from real use, the marketplace needs to host a large volume of monthly transactions. Though the project has a head start with an existing marketplace, it has a long way to go in order for the ELEC token to rise in value from its ICO price, if speculation is not taken into consideration.

Public Sale Ended

24 Feb 2018

Total raised
$29,102,830 / $30,000,000

Token: ELEC

Token type: Ethereum ERC-20

ICO price: 1 ELEC = 0.08 USD

Finite token number: 750,000,000 ELEC

Token Allocation: 50% to the public

Availability: USA, Chinese and South Korean citizens excluded.

Accepted Currencies: ETH




Team Members


Julius Tan



Martin Lim



John Lian



Alexia Lee

Business Associate

Advisory Board

Founder / CEO - Omise Co., Ltd.

Jun Hasegawa

Working together on OMG sdk wallet and Scalability Solution


Shirley Wong

Growth Strategy & Partnerships


DR. Yand dazhi



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