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    Gameflip ICO

    Marketplace for the transparent, safe, and frictionless buying and selling of gaming digital goods
    Most digital goods are locked within individual games, and gamers lose all of their value when they stop playing that game. The current infrastructure doesn't promote the liquidity, transparency, or security required by gamers to buy, sell, and trade digital goods.
    Token used for buying and selling digital in-game items on the blockchain as well as used to make purchases on sites like Gameflip.com

    Public Sale Ended

    05 Jan 2018

    Total raised
    $15,000,000 / $15,000,000



    Token: FLP

    Token type: Ethereum ERC-20

    ICO price: 1 FLP = 0.004 ETH

    Finite token number: 100000000

    Token Allocation: 43.2% Public

    Availability: USA citizens excluded

    Status: Whitepaper, Working Prototype

    Accepted Currencies: ETH

    Team Members

    JT Nguyen

    Co-founder and CEO

    Terry Ngo

    Co-founder and CTO

    Bryan Talbot

    Head of Engineering

    Ed Kim

    Head of Business Development

    Tony Simonovsky

    ICO Success Manager

    Advisory Board

    Richard Melmom

    Kotaro Yamagishi

    Heiko Hubertz

    Company Investors

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