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    FUSION is a public blockchain devoting itself to creating an inclusive cryptofinancial platform by providing cross-chain, cross-organization and cross-datasource smart contracts.
    FUSION aims to achieve a true cross-chain smart contracts by using the distributed private keys management service to map various tokens as cryptofinancial assets onto the FUSION blockchain and to make “smart” contracts truly smart and be able to express all kinds of financial logic and create various financial instruments by feeding them off-chain data.
    No. 1: the gas of smart contracts; No. 2: the stake used in the layer 1 of the Hierarchical Hybrid Consensus Mechanism as the Proof of Stake; No. 3: the reward to the miners who provide the Proof of Stake or the Proof of Work.

    Evaluation Score

    Public Sale Ended

    11 Feb 2018

    Total raised
    $42,000,000 / $42,000,000



    Token: FSN

    Token type: Own Blockchain

    ICO price: 1 FSN = 0.0025

    Finite token number: 819,200,000

    Token Allocation: 25% Public

    Availability: USA, Chinese, Bangladesh, Bolivia, China (excluding Macau, Hong Kong, and Taiwan), Ecuador, Iceland, Kyrgyzstan, United States and Vietnam citizens excluded

    Team Members

    Founder of Bitse, incubated Qtum and Vechain

    Dejun Qian

    Visionary & Principal

    David Perez

    Foundation Strategy

    Vice President at BitSE

    Dr. Jiangang Wu

    Foundation Development

    Guochang Xu

    Technology Director

    Xi Luo

    Foundation Operation

    Advisory Board

    Dr. Daniel P Petrozzo

    Financial Advisor

    Dr. Joseph Keshet

    Technology Advisor

    Sean Walsh

    Blockchain Advisor


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