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FUSION is a public blockchain devoting itself to creating an inclusive cryptofinancial platform by providing cross-chain, cross-organization and cross-datasource smart contracts.
FUSION aims to achieve a true cross-chain smart contracts by using the distributed private keys management service to map various tokens as cryptofinancial assets onto the FUSION blockchain and to make “smart” contracts truly smart and be able to express all kinds of financial logic and create various financial instruments by feeding them off-chain data.
No. 1: the gas of smart contracts; No. 2: the stake used in the layer 1 of the Hierarchical Hybrid Consensus Mechanism as the Proof of Stake; No. 3: the reward to the miners who provide the Proof of Stake or the Proof of Work.

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Project Potential






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  • Project potential: FUSION is a project that aims to serve as the infrastructure for the Internet of Values. The ability to trade and manage bonds, currencies, land properties, content, and identities in a secure manner without the need to trust a third party is needed. The market for the IoV is huge and the project that breaks the barriers between blockchains will surely flourish. The FSN token demand will increase along with the penetration of the FUSION blockchain to the market as it is used to fuel the network.
  • Team: Dejun Qian is leading on the FUSION project. As the CEO of BitSE, he has led and been involved in the successful launch in recent years of two ambitious blockchain projects – QTUM and VeChain. It seems that the team has the right experience to successfully launch FUSION. Meanwhile, the FUSION project has plenty of selected supporters and advisors with rich experience from different area and industries, especially the financial industry.


  • Sale mechanism About a quarter of the total contribution amount was raised via a private sale. A bonus of an undisclosed % was given to selected early contributors. Though these contributors will probably hold onto their tokens for the FUSION project to reach at least some of its great potential, it could lead to a lower bottom price compared to ICO price when it reaches exchanges.
  • Token is transferable before main-net launch The token will be transferable immediately at the end of the sale (ERC-20) token. These tokens will be swapped 1:1 for FSNs when the FUSION main-net is live ((Zilliqa also launched an ERC-20 token before main-net launch). The real use of the FSN token will only begin with the launch of the main-net which is due in mid 2018.

Public Sale Ended

11 Feb 2018

Total raised
$42,000,000 / $42,000,000

Token: FSN

Token type: Own Blockchain

ICO price: 1 FSN = 0.0025

Finite token number: 819,200,000

Token Allocation: 25% Public

Availability: USA, Chinese, Bangladesh, Bolivia, China (excluding Macau, Hong Kong, and Taiwan), Ecuador, Iceland, Kyrgyzstan, United States and Vietnam citizens excluded

Team Members

Founder of Bitse, incubated Qtum and Vechain

Dejun Qian

Visionary & Principal


David Perez

Foundation Strategy

Vice President at BitSE

Dr. Jiangang Wu

Foundation Development


Guochang Xu

Technology Director


Xi Luo

Foundation Operation

Advisory Board


Dr. Daniel P Petrozzo

Financial Advisor


Dr. Joseph Keshet

Technology Advisor


Sean Walsh

Blockchain Advisor



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