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    COTI is a payment transactions network built from the ground-up to solve the payments challenges of today using the DAG data structure and the best of distributed ledger technology combined with the best of the traditional system. `
    The existing payments networks are not suited to deal with new forms of commerce that have been emerging over the past few years, such as peer-to-peer transactions, online marketplaces, and cross-border eCommerce.
    COTI's native currency (ticker: COTI) is aimed to be used for any transaction over the internet focusing on retail payments. It will be used also for internal purpose as incentive for mediators and fees payment.

    Evaluation Score

    Public Sale Ended

    06 Jun 2018

    Total raised
    $3,001,028 / $30,000,000



    Token type: Ethereum ERC-20

    ICO price: 1 COTI = 0.1 USD

    Finite token number: 4000000000

    Token Allocation: 42% token sale, 12.5% Incentive programs for Merchants and Users, 11% Token liquidity for market-making, 10% Founders, Team, early Backers, Advisors 9% Opening balance for the Reserve Credit Fund (RCF), 7% Validators' incentives, 6% Partners' network, 2.5% Community grants and partnerships

    Status: Working Prototype

    Accepted Currencies: BTC, ETH, USD

    Token: COTI

    Availability: Restricted countries: People’s Republic of China, Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Central African Republic, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Guinea-Bissau, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Libya, Lebanon, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Uganda, Vanuatu, Yemen. Citizens and residents of United States of America can participate only if they qualify as Accredited Investors.

    private sale

    Ongoing - May 31, 2018
    6 months vesting: 5% additional bonus, 12 months vesting: 10% additional bonus, 24 months vesting: 20% additional bonus, $50K: No additional bonus, $100K - $200K: additional 5%, $200K - $400K: additional 10%, $400K - $1M:additional 15% discount, $1M - $5M: additional 20% discount, $5M > TBD


    May 1, 2018 - May 8, 2018
    no vesting: $0.083 = 1 COTI, 6 months vesting: $0.079 = 1 COTI, 12 months vesting: $0.075 = 1 COTI, 24 months vesting: $0.066 = 1 COTI

    crowd sale

    Cap: 60,000,000 USD
    June 1, 2018 - June 15, 2018
    Tranche 1: $0.087 = 1 COTI, Tranche 2: $0.091 = 1 COTI, Tranche 3: $0.096 = 1 COTI, Tranche 4: $0.100 = 1 COTI

    Team Members

    Shahaf Bar-Geffen


    Tal Dadia

    Research Engineering

    Erol Hallufgil

    Research & Software Engineering

    Yoni Neeman

    Software Engineering

    Samuel Falkon

    Co-Founder & Community


    Former CEO Investec Bank UK

    Steven Heilbron


    Former CRO, Ripple Labs

    Greg Kidd

    Advisor and Private Investor

    Dr. Matt McBrady


    Stas Oskin

    Blockchain Expert

    Co-Founder of Wings

    Sebastian Stupurac

    Blockchain Expert



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