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    Invest cryptocurrencies in real-world assets. Buy tokenized shares without geographic restrictions, high fees, or middlemen
    Brickblock enables users to invest in Real-World assets irrespective of the size of their investment portfolio. It uses smart contracts to handle micro as well as big investments thus offering lower fees and better prices than traditional banks. Users get an asset-backed token with a unique denomination after each investment.
    Brickblock will setup a parent smart contract, which will allow to create all further contacts between fund managers and investors. Our vision is that one day Brickblock just verifies the fund manager and gives him an access code to set certain parameters.

    Public Sale Ended

    15 May 2018

    Total raised
    $11,250,970 / $50,000,000



    Token: BBK

    Token type: ERC-20

    ICO price: 1 BBK = 0.60 USD

    Finite token number: 320,000,000

    Token Allocation: 51% sale contributors, 35% company reserve,13% early backers, 1% Bounty

    Availability: Worldwide except China, USA and Singapore

    Status: Working Product with less than 50,000 users

    Currencies Accepted: : ETH, USD

    ROI since ICO

    • USD



    BBK token

    Current price: 0.0287099743$,
    0.00000889BTC, 0.0003407523ETH
    Volume 24H: 47,557$ Market Cap: 2,157,017$

    Team Members

    Jakob Drzazga


    Colin Nimsz

    Head of Organization and Finance

    Philip Paetz


    Manuel Gonzalez Alzuru


    Advisory Board

    Dr. Wolfgang Richter

    Legal Advisor

    Axel von Goldbeck


    Holger Schlünzen

    ETF Analysis


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