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BitGuild will disrupt the $100+ billion a year gaming industry by creating a platform for games that live on the blockchain, redefining the relationship between players, developers, and content.
In-game transactions, fees, regulations and fraud are frustrating companies and communities. Currency, items and accounts cannot be transferred between games; meaning that if your favorite game shuts down, all progress is lost forever. On the blockchain, marketplaces and economies become streamlined, allowing gamers the ability to trade and sell their creative products.
PLAT is the official ERC-20 BitGuild token, used to represent both currency and non-fungible virtual item tokens within games on the BitGuild platform.

BitGuild Review and Rating




Stage of The Project


Project Potential






Token Sale Terms


White Paper





  • Team: The core team, as well as the advisory board are remarkable. It seems that no better team could be set up for this project. The core team has a wealth of experience in development, publish and operate video games in some of the biggest gaming companies in the US and Asia. The project has a top crypto advisory board (Brock Pierce and Justin Sun) and very interesting contributors (Andy Tian, Brock Pierce, Patrick Dai and Justin Sun).
  • Complete hub for blockchain game development and promotion BitGuild aims to build their own blockchain games, but also to attract third party gaming companies to build their games and launch them via the BitGuild gaming platform.
  • Project feasibility: BitGuild’s objectives are indeed ambitious. However, considering the team and advisors experiences, they seem reasonable. The team brings tangible experience in game localization and virtual items business along with familiarity with both the US and Asian industries. R2Games (which led by Jared), licensed, localized, and published games in over a dozen languages, and had over 80 million registered players from over 150+ countries. given their unique experience, we believe that creating a global unified gaming atmosphere is a feasible goal.
  • Fair ICO terms: BitGuild seeks to raise a total of 44 K ETH, while 30K ETH already committed. The private rounds can be considered as a major drawback, as the majority of the fund raised through these rounds are given with relatively high bonuses. However, BitGuild uses a lockup mechanism for BitGuild foundation’s, advisors’ and early contributor’s tokens for a period of two years (Vested evenly over time).


  • Early stage: despite its ambitious vision, the project is still in its early stages. while BitGuild’s website and game will be launched in Q2 2018, the wallet, marketplace and Design House will be launched only around Q3/Q4 2018.
  • Immature industry: BitGuild’s adoption and success depend on mass adoption of blockchain games, an immature industry. the concept of blockchain games is fairly new. It may take time until Complex blockchain games will be launched and mass adoption will occur.

Public Sale Ended

05 Apr 2018

Total raised
$14,670,622 / $5,653,743

Token: PLAT

Token type: Ethereum ERC-20

ICO price: 1 PLAT = 0.0000125 ETH

Finite token number: 10000000000

Availability: United States of America and China are not eligible

Status: Whitepaper

crowd sale

Cap: 14,062.5 ETH
March 15th, 2018 - April 5th, 2018
1.25-10% Bonus

Additional Information

Bonus structure:
>= 5 ETH 1.25%
>= 15 ETH 2.50%
>= 50 ETH 3.75%
>= 100 ETH 5%
>= 250 ETH 7.50%
>= 500 ETH 10.00%



Team Members

Fabio De Lima – BitGuild
Founder of R2Games

Jared A Psigoda


Curtis Chiu – Bitguild

Curtis Chiu


mikhail – bitguild

Mikhail Lariovov


sean – bitguild

Sean Keith

VP Business Development


Brock – Bitguild
Founder of Blockchain Capital

Brock Pierce


Justin Sun – Bitguild
Founder of Tron

Justin Sun

Advisor & Investor

Kevin Chou – Bitguild
Founder of Kabam

Kevin Chou




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