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0chain is a free decentralized scalable cloud with sub-second finality, and self-forking capability to support multiple chains specific to an application, vertical, or geo-location.
0chain enables current dApps to move their off-chain code and data onto our decentralized compute and storage platform. Its self-forking feature enables different verticals and applications to fine-tune their needs create separate chains without worrying about the integrity of the blockchain.
ZCHN tokens will allow you to compute and store data on our blockchain, as well as create and run decentralized applications, and create new chains for different verticals. The network does not derive any fees or revenues from the blockchain.

Public Sale Ended

17 Feb 2018

Total raised
$39,000,000 / $39,000,000

Token: ZCHN

Token type: ERC 20

ICO price: 1 ZCHN = $1.65

Finite token number: 400,000,000

Token Allocation: 30% for the team, advisors, development partners, and seed investors, 10% for the private sale, 10% reserved for future offering, and 50% for miners, sharders, and blobbers.

Availability: All over the world.

Status: Whitepaper is ready and token sale has completed.

crowd sale
Tokens available after token sale ends

Cap: 39,000,000
Feb 7 - Feb 17

Team Members

0 (10)

Saswata Basu


0 (11)

Thomas Austin

Co-Founder. Security, language expert


Gautam Gupta



Atif Yaqub


Advisory Board

0 (9)
Founding Partner NEO Global Capital

Roger Lim


0 (13)

Ken Huang

Co-founder & CEO, NanoSec. Vice-Chair of Cloud Security Alliance

Vishwas Manral


Managing Partner @Park&Dibadj

Douglas Y. Park


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