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Reserve is a stable, global currency (a stablecoin) and a digital payment system for people and businesses in countries with high inflation. Reserve makes it cost-effective to send money across borders. This enables people to send money home to their families, and businesses to pay international suppliers in a stable currency.
Reserve enables people and businesses in countries with high inflation to protect their money by moving it out of broken currencies into a stable digital currency.
1) The centralized phase — where Reserve is backed by US dollars, which are held by a trust company. 2) The decentralized phase — where Reserve is backed by a changing basket of assets in a decentralized way, but still stabilized in price with respect to the US dollar. 3) The independent phase — where Reserve is no longer pegged to the US dollar, with the intent of stabilizing its real purchasing power regardless of fluctuations in the value of the dollar.

IEO Ended

22 May 2019

Total Hardcap

Token: RSR

Finite token number: 100,000,000,000 RSR

Token Allocation: Foundation:58.6% Strategic Partners:5.0% Team and Advisors:20.0% Current Project Funding:16.4% (3% will be sold through Prime)

Status: Whitepaper Ready

Accepted Currencies: HT

Huobi Global IEO
No lock-up/Vesting

Date: May 22: 12 PM (UTC) - 12:19:29 PM (UTC)

3% of Total Token Supply: 3,000,000,000 RSR
First Price Limit Round: 12:00 - 12:09, 20% (600 M RSR)
Second Price Limit Round: 12:10 - 1:19, 80% (2.4 B RSR)

Individual cap is proportional to lowest daily HT holdings over 7 days period before launch date

Seed Round
Vest over 6 months after main net launch, which is expected in 2020

12.39% of Total Token Supply: 12.39 B RSR ($4.956 M USD)
Price: 1 RSR = $0.0004 USD

Private Sale
Shortest release is 25% unlocked, 75% vest over three months, some tokens release more slowly

1% of Total Token Supply: 1 B RSR ($5 M USD)
Price: 1 RSR = $0.0050 USD




Team Members

Reserve Team Member

Nevin Freeman


Reserve Team Member

Matt Elder


Reserve Team Member

Robb Henshaw


Reserve Team Member

Jeremy Schlatter


Reserve Team Member

Daniel Colson


Advisory Board

Reserve Team Member

Garett Jones


Reserve Team Member
Former Sec Commissioner

Paul Atkins


Reserve Team Member

Santiago Siri


Reserve Team Member

Ben Verschuere


Reserve Team Member

Gary Basin



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