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  • Ankr Network

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    Ankr Network

    Distributed Cloud Computing on Trusted Hardware. Machine learning, AI - Decentralized artificial intelligence computing platform
    Ankr provides a computation-resource-efficient blockchain and an integrated data feed system leveraging both cryptographic primitives and trusted hardware. Their proposed solution is to introduce a novel consensus algorithm called Proof of Useful Work (PoUW) that redirects mining resources toward useful computations rather than hashes.
    Token will be used to facilitate the fees incurred for using the blockchain.

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    Public Sale Ended

    31 Aug 2018

    Total raised
    $14,500,000 / $17,800,000



    Token: ANKR

    Token type: ERC-20

    ICO price: 1 ANKR = 0.0066 USD

    Finite token number: 10,000,000,000 ANKR

    Token Allocation: 40% Mining and Community, 30% Private Pre-Sale, 20% Team & Advisor, 5% Public Sale, 5% Marketing.

    Availability: USA and China are Exempted.

    Status: Whitepaper is ready.

    ROI since ICO

      ANKR token

      Current price: $,
      BTC, ETH
      Volume 24H: $ Market Cap: $


      Twitter 2,308 followers

      Telegram 49,114 members

      Team Members

      Chandler Song

      Co-founder & CEO

      Stanley W

      Co-founder & CTO

      Ryan Fang

      Co-founder & COO

      Song Liu

      Chief Security Engineer

      Yan Ji


      Akash Khosla

      Blockchain Engineer

      Advisory board

      Jiangang Zhang

      Technology Advisor

      Ankr advisor

      Ramsey Hanna


      Advisor to Zilliqa

      Christel Quek

      Marketing Advisor



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