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Sentinel Chain

Sentinel Chain plans to use Blockchain technology to allow those farmers to receive financial services based on livestock as collateral. Sentinel Chain is to build a B2B2C marketplace to connect financial institutions with the livestock owners.
The ultimate objective of the Sentinel Chain is to unlock the economic potential of the unbanked by bringing together an international community of financial providers looking to participate in facilitating financial inclusion in an open, secure and transparent marketplace. It is specifically designed to provide affordable and secure financial services to those who need it most – the 2 billion unbanked.
The Sentinel Chain Token (SENC) will be an ERC20-compatible token on the public Ethereum blockchain that allows global financial service providers and cryptocurrency holders to participate in the Sentinel Chain marketplace. Activity on the Sentinel Chain will be performed solely using the Sentinel Token. This will make the Sentinel Token an integral part of the Sentinel Chain platform and the driver of its economy.

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  • Project Potential: The potential financial volume for this new market is huge (750M farms worldwide). For an overseas entity to offer financial services on the platform, it must buy SENC tokens from the market. When the Sentinel Chain platform is live in 2019, and if the platform is successful, the demand for SENC tokens should be high.
  • Token Sale Terms: Sentinel Chain is aiming to raise 14.4 M USD, 6.4 M USD already raised via private allocation with 25% Bonus, vested over 3 months. There was unmet demand for the private and public sale participation (Whitelist).


  • Use for SENC token: The use of SENC token in the platform is strong and if the platform succeeds, we should see a rise in SENC token price as it correlates to the volume of money transacted by overseas lenders to local farmers. Though, we accept that will only happen in 2019 when the Sentinel Chain platform V2 is launched. This is a bit of a long time to wait for the first real demand for the token.

Public Sale Ended

09 Mar 2018

Total raised
$14,400,000 / $14,400,000

Token type: Ethereum ERC-20

ICO price: 1 SENC = 0.064 USD

Finite token number: 500000000

Token Allocation: 40% Public

Token: SENC

Availability: USA and Chinese citizens excluded


Cap: 6,400,000 USD

crowd sale

Cap: 8,000,000 USD




Team Members

Roy Lai – Sentinel Chain – ICO

Roy Lai

Founder & CEO

Chia Hock Lai – Sentinel Chain – ICO
President of the Singapore FinTech Association (SFA)

Chia Hock Lai

Foundation Member

Anson Zeall – Sentinel Chain – ICO
Co-Founder of CoinPip

Anson Zeall

Foundation Member

Zann Kwan- Sentinel Chain – ICO
CEO of Bitcoin Exchange Pte Ltd

Zann Kwan

Foundation Member

Anne Riana – Sentinel Chain – ICO

Anne Riana

Head of PR and Marketing


Bo Shen
Founding Partner of Fenbushi

Bo Shen

Senior Advisor

David LEE Kuo Chuen – Sentinel Chain – ICO
Co-founder of BlockAsset

Dr. David Lee

Senior Advisor

Diego Gutiérrez Zaldívar – Sentinel Chain – ICO
CEO & Co-founder at RSK Labs

Diego Gutiérrez Zaldívar

Blockchain Advisor


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