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    qiibee is revolutionising the loyalty industry with the latest technological innovations. By bringing loyalty programs to the blockchain, it is able to help brands and retailers reduce inefficiencies, while offering customers real-life value in exchange for their points. At present, the loyalty industry is hopelessly fragmented. It sees low customer engagement and redemption and high customer acquisition cost, operational risk, and inefficiency for brands. All of this translates to extreme waste, totalling more than $500B USD-worth of unredeemed points, according to a 2017 study by Reuters & Affinity Capital Exchange.
    According to Reuters & Affinity Capital Exchange (2017), an estimated USD 500 billion in points are left unredeemed by members : This figure clearly shows that brands have to make their programs more effective to really drive customer behavior. While loyalty programs have become fairly common, at the same time, customers increasingly expect more personalized and shared interactions across brands’ loyalty programs, which makes it essential for brands to rethink their loyalty strategies.
    Any brand that wants to join the qiibee ecosystem will have to buy QBX in order to start their reward programs with their brand tokens, which are backed by QBX.

    Public Sale Ended

    23 Oct 2018

    Total raised
    $8,332,000 / $11,250,000



    Token: QBX

    Token type: ERC-20

    ICO price: 1 QBX = 0.0001 ETH

    Finite token number: 1,400,000,000 QBX

    Token Allocation: 18.8% Seed Round | 26.4% Private sale | 2.9% Crowd sale | 2.9% Brand Sale | 30% Ecosystem | 14% Team & Early Contributors | 5% Bounty % Partners

    Availability: US Citizens Exempted

    Status: Whitepaper and Working Product Ready with more than 50,000 users

    Accepted Currencies: ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, DASH, XRP, ETC, USD, CHF, EUR

    ROI since ICO

      QBX token

      Current price: $,
      BTC, ETH
      Volume 24H: $ Market Cap: $


      Twitter 6,728 followers

      Facebook 10,979 likes

      Telegram 93,406 members

      Team Members

      Qiibee Team Member

      Gabriele Giancola


      Qiibee Team Member

      Gianluca Giancola

      Design & UX

      Qiibee Team Member

      Felicia Giancola

      Finance & Legal

      Qiibee Team Member

      Pascal Schindelholz

      Blockchain & Infrastructure

      Qiibee Team Member

      Federico Alconada

      Blockchain Architecture

      Advisory Board

      Qiibee Team Member

      Alexander Braun

      Loyalty Advisor

      Qiibee Team Member

      Jean-Paul Saija

      Loyalty Advisor

      Qiibee Team Member

      Dominic Hofer

      Loyalty Advisor

      Qiibee Team Member

      Patrick Schilz

      Blockchain Advisor

      Qiibee Team Member

      Tom Graham

      Blockchain Advisor


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