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    Thunder Core (Huobi Prime)

    ThunderCore is its own blockchain with its own native cryptocurrency. Developed by industry-leading experts, it is EVM-compatible with throughput of 1,200+ TPS, sub-second confirmation times, and low gas costs—making it quick and easy for DApps to deploy and scale.
    The ThunderCore protocol is only a scalable blockchain when certain conditions are met. Thunder Protocol guarantees security in worst case scenario, while EOS can only hope its built in governance mechanisms can solve problems as they arise.
    Thunder Token is the native currency of an independent public blockchain, ThunderCore. Thunder Token can be used to build and monetize decentralized applications on the ThunderCore blockchain. Thunder Tokens can be used to pay for gas costs, execute transactions and underwrite smart contracts on the ThunderCore blockchain.

    IEO on Huobi Prime Ended

    05 May 2019

    Total Hardcap

    Token: TT

    Token type: Native Currency

    Finite token number: 10,000,000,000 TT

    Token Allocation: 25.86% Project Funding | 19.14% Thunder Reserve Account | 15% Team | 15% Community Incentive | 15% Committee Incentive | 10% Developer Incentive

    Status: Whitepaper is ready.

    TT token

    Current price:
    0.0045199 $ (-0.397 %)
    0.000000383 BTC
    0.000012228 ETH

    Volume 24H:
    Market Cap:

    ROI since ICO

    • USD



    • ETH



    • BTC




    Twitter 43,994 followers

    Telegram 6,804 members

    Team Members

    ThunderCore Team
    VP of Tech at Disney

    Chris Wang


    ThunderCore Team

    Elaine Shi

    Cheif Scientist

    ThunderCore Team

    Rafael Pass





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