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NuCypher KMS is a decentralized key management system (KMS), encryption, and access control service. Itenables private data sharing between arbitrary numbers of participants in public consensus networks, using proxyre-encryption to delegate decryption rights in a way that cannot be achieved by traditional symmetric or public-keyencryption schemes
NuCypher is a data privacy layer for public blockchains and decentralized applications. It uses proxy re-encryption to provide decentralized key management and cryptographic access control services. It enables DApp developers to store, share, and manage private data on public blockchains.
The NuCypher network is composed of nodes that provide re-encryption services. To operate a node and earn fees and mining rewards, you must stake the NuCypher token as collateral.

Public Sale Starts At

Unknown date

Hardcap is unknown

Token: NU

Token type: ERC-20

Availability: Worldwide

Status: Whitepaper available

Accepted Currencies: ETH

private sale

Raised: $4.4 million USD
Private Sale funds fully raised

Team Members

Maclane Wilkison

MacLane Wilkison

Cofounder & CEO

Michael Egorov

Michael Egorov, PhD

Cofounder & CTO

John Pacific

John Pacific

Cryptographic Engineer

David Nunez

David Nunez, PhD


Advisory Board

David Evans
Professor of Computer Science at MIT and University of Virginia

Prof. David Evans


Prof. Giuseppe Ateniese

Prof. Giuseppe Ateniese


John Bantelamn
CEO of Rainstor

John Bantleman


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