Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Guides 101

General Guides - Start From Here
Bitcoin for Beginners
What is Bitcoin? Start from here
30 Cryptocurrency Terms For Dummies
FIAT, wallet, digital address, FUD, FOMO, HODL, ICO and more
Dollar Cost Average (DCA)
Is it time to buy Bitcoin?
Is Bitcoin Still Considered Cheap?
The year is 2020. Is BTC still cheap for buying?

Crypto Security First
Wallet security, phishing, 2FA and more
Alternative Coins (Altcoins)
The history of altcoins, pump and dump, choosing altcoins
Intro to crypto websites
Must-have and must-visit Bitcoin and crypto related websites
What is MimbleWimble?
More info about Grin vs. Beam
DeFi Guides

What is Uniswap?
Uniswap guide to explain what is it and how it works
How to Use Uniswap
Guide and Must-Read Risks Before Swapping
What Is Yield Farming?
An in-depth take on the defi farming trend
The Yearn Finance Projects
Everything you need to know about YFI and the Yearn Finance tokens family
What Is DEX?
The complete guide to decentralized exchanges
What Is NFT?
Non-Fungible Tokens Guide For Dummies
ETH 2.0 Staking Vs. Node
Ethereum 2.0 Staking on Exchange vs. Creating Your Node
What Is BitClout?
What is Bit Clout? The Latest Crypto Hype – Is It Safe?
Bitcoin & Crypto Wallets
Digital Wallets Guide
What is public key, private key, and digital address?
Recommended hot and cold wallets: Jaxx, Bread, Edge, KeepKey, Electrum, Exodus, Bitcoin Core, Copay, Samourai, Lumi, Blockchain Info.
Mycelium Guide
Hot wallet (app)
Trezor One Guide
Hardware wallet
Trezor Model T Guide
Hardware wallet
Ledger Nano S Guide
Hardware wallet
4 Best Wallets For Staking Cryptocurrencies
Wallets that enable staking cryptocurrencies
Crypto Trading 101 Guides - How To Trade Bitcoin & Altcoins
15 Must-read trading tips
Tips for trading Bitcoin & Altcoins (updated 2019): Stop-loss, take profit, FOMO, risk management, ICO/IEO tips, long-term goals, scams
Stop-loss in crypto
The good and the bad
7 Trading tips and common mistakes
The orderbook, trading against BTC and USD, emotions in trading, time is money
Market cycles
The cycles among the Bitcoin and crypto markets
Bear markets
4 Must-read tips for crypto bear markets
Mastering the mind in crypto: How to overcome the fear in the crypto markets
Following The Herd
Mastering the mind in crypto
Long-term crypto portfolio
How to build a long-term portfolio and a sample portfolio
Bitcoin and crypto margin trading guide
Costs and risks, short Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, margin trading tips
Bitcoin and crypto futures
Contract settlement, CME and CBOE
Buy The Dip In Bitcoin
This might be the best trading strategy for bull runs
6 Must-Read Trading Tips In 2020
Diversification, DYOR, buy low, risk management and more
Technical Analysis & Indicators
Technical Analysis for Beginners
Trend lines, support and resistance levels, moving averages (MA and EMA), trading volume and technical analysis tools
Advanced Technical Analysis (Part 1)
Japanese candlesticks & patterns, Elliot waves, Fibonacci Levels, Relative Strength Index (RSI), MACD or Moving Average Convergence/Divergence, Ichimoku Clouds
Advanced Technical Analysis (Part 2)
Bollinger Bands, Fibonacci Retracement, Commodity Channel Index (CCI), Flags and Pennants.
Negative and positive divergence in RSI and more
Bart's head patterns
What are Barts in Bitcoin's price?
What are Bitcoin price gaps?
Price gaps related to the Bitcoin futures trading
Exchanges 101 Guides
Crypto Exchanges

Binance Guide
Crypto exchange
Coinbase Guide
Crypto & crypto-FIAT exchange
KuCoin Guide
Crypto exchange
Bibox Guide
Crypto exchange
Kraken Guide
Crypto exchange and margin trading
Binance Jersey
Crypto - FIAT exchange
Poloniex Exchange
Crypto & crypto-FIAT exchange
Margin Trading Exchanges

BitMEX For Beginners
Guide & video tutorial: Margin trading, futures and derivatives
BitMEX For Advanced
BitMEX futures, market command, stop-limit, reduce only, post only, funding rates and fees explained
Bybit Guide & Video Tutorial
Margin trading and derivatives Guide & Video Tutorial
Margin trading, tokenized assets and derivatives
PrimeXBT Guide & Video Tutorial
Margin trading, futures and derivatives
XENA Guide & Video Tutorial
Margin trading and derivatives
Binance Futures
Margin trading, futures and derivatives
KuCoin Futures Exchange Guide
Margin trading and derivatives
BaseFEX Exchange Guide
Margin trading, futures and derivatives
Delta Exchange Guide
Margin trading and derivatives
Bitcoin & Crypto CFDs

eToro Guide
Margin trading, CFDs
ICOs, IEOs, and Token-Sales

What is IEO?
Initial Exchange Offering guide for beginners
Evaluating token-sales
10 significant keys
Investing in a bad ICO?
10 signs to worry about
Exchange Based Tokens
BNB, HT, and KCS are all native tokens of crypto exchanges.
What is an Initial DEX Offering (IDO)?
How is it Different Than ICO & IEO
Avoid Losing Your Funds to DeFi Scams
6 Ways to Avoid Losing Your Funds to DeFi Scams.
IEO Launch Platforms

Traders' Networks