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Bluzelle brings together the sharing economy and token economy. Bluzelle enables people to rent out their computer storage space to earn a token while dApp developers pay with a token to have their data stored and managed in the most efficient way.
Bluzelle is a decentralized, on-demand, scalable database service for dApps. Bluzelle fills a need and is complementary to the other components to make the decentralized Internet complete. Without these decentralized components, the decentralized Internet would not be able to run efficiently and scale to massive use.
1. Buy BLZ tokens on a crypto-exchange using ETH, BTC or other forms the exchange allows. 2. Send BLZ tokens to the Bluzelle Token Gateway’s smart contract via Ethereum. The gateway will issue new BNT tokens to the user’s Bluzelle network wallet. 3. The user now has BNT tokens and is free to parDcipate in the network as a consumer.

Public Sale Ended

20 Jan 2018

Total raised
$19,500,000 / $19,500,000

Token: BLZ

Token type: Ethereum ERC-20

ICO price: 1 BLZ = 0.12 USD

Finite token number: 500,000,000 BLZ

Token Allocation: 33% ICO, 27% reserve, 15% Founding team, 15% advisors, 10% developer and community growth fund

Availability: Chinese citizens excluded

Accepted Currencies: ETH

Team Members


Pavel Bains



Neeraj Murarka



Nitin Cunha

Senior Developer


Scott Burch

Senior Developer


Dmitry Mukhin

Senior Developer

Advisory Board

Original Creator of Ripple

Ryan Fugger


Free Software Advocate. Creator of GNU Bash

Brian Fox

Open-source Advisor

Ex Facebook. Co-Creator of Apache Cassandra(star)

Prashant Malik

Database Advisor



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