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Virtue Poker

Virtue Poker is a decentralized P2P poker platform built using Ethereum. Our application combines an off-chain p2p game engine for gameplay with on-chain Ethereum smart contracts which are used to escrow game buy-ins and autonomously distribute payouts based on game outcomes.
Virtue Poker eliminates player deposit risk by replacing the traditional deposit and withdrawal process by using a combination of user owned digital wallets and Ethereum smart contracts. We solve the issue of gameplay fairness by including all players in card shuffling using a cryptographic p2p protocol called Mental Poker.
VPP has four core utilities within the Virtue Poker network: (1) VPP can be “locked” in a smart contract called the Justice Registry that enables users to stake tokens and validate hands on the network in exchange for fees from players, (2) VPP can be used as an in-game currency, (3) VPP can be used to access special tournaments, and (4) VPP can be earned as rakeback.

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  • Team and Advisory: The team is a part of ConsenSys, which is a well-known and respected company in the crypto sphere, with great networking abilities. The legal advisory board is very experienced in the iGaming industry, obviously, legal challenges will arise along the way and top legal consultation is needed. The team is sponsored by top poker players which can help Virtue Poker to penetrate into the online poker industry.
  • Trust: It seems that with the current structure of the top online gaming sites, we have no choice but to trust their word in keeping our funds safe and playing a fair game. Virtue Poker is building a decentralized platform with maximum transparency. With Virtue Poker, a player holds his funds in his wallet or in a smart contract (on the Ethereum blockchain) which doesn't involve a third party.
  • Fair ICO Terms: The total ICO cap for both rounds of the sale is 25M USD, if the ICO phase 2 will happen. The reasonable cap, 0% Bonus and the lockups for the team/advisory board allocation should help the price once VPP are listed on exchanges.


  • Attract user-base from scratch: Virtue Poker will obviously have big advantages over existing online poker sites, but it is also extremely difficult to attract users to a new platform. Virtue poker will try to penetrate the market by launching live streamed tournaments on their platform, hyped by the attendance of well-known poker players (Advisors of Virtue Poker). And also by using VVPs to incentivize poker players to join the platform.

Public Sale Ended

09 May 2018

Total raised
$18,548,000 / $18,500,000

Token: VPP

Token type: Ethereum ERC-20

ICO price: 1 VPP = between $0.06 and $0.125

Finite token number: 500000000

Token Allocation: 20% public

Availability: Chinese and USA citizens excluded

Accepted Currencies: ETH

crowd sale
0% Bonus at all stages, contributions above 150 ETH recieve a free ticket to the WSOP Main Event

CAP: 12,500,000 USD
April 25th, 2018




Team Members


Ryan Gittleson

Co-Founder, Business Development and Marketing


Jim Berry

Lead Developer and Platform Architect


Jose Luis Diaz

Head of Product


Javier Franco Algarrada

Blockchain Developer

Advisory Board

Founder of ConsenSys

Joseph Lubin

Ethereum Advisor


Andrew Keys

Ethereum Advisor


Robert Davidman

Poker Industry Advisor


Robert Davidman

Poker Industry Advisor

Incubated within ConsenSys


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