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    The Wirex token (WXT) is Wirex next step on the road to mainstream cryptocurrency adoption. A Stellar-based utility token, WXT was created with the token economy in mind.
    By providing an easy solution for merchants and their customers to accept and make payments in the form of digital assets, the existing e-commerce market will eventually be reshaped by alternative (blockchain-based) payment rails. The Wirex platform is an integrative model utilising cloud-based microservices. Each has a specific responsibility and can be updated or replicated without a lengthy maintenance process.
    Token will be used for the payments, transactions and for utility purposes across the platform. Token is designed to benefit our growing B2C and B2B user communities and to help our customers save on fees if they maintain the required balance of WXT tokens.

    IEO on OKEx Ended

    02 Jul 2019

    Total raised
    $27,090,000,000 / $210,000,000

    Token: WXT

    Token type: Stellar

    ICO price: 1 WXT = $0.01 USD

    Finite token number: 10,000,000,000 WXT

    Token Allocation: 11% Partnerships, 14% R&D, 1% Public Sale, 8% Seed/Private Round, 17% Team, 49% Platform Reserve

    Status: Whitepaper is ready

    Accepted currencies:

    IEO on OKEx

    Date: Jul 1
    First Session: Jul 1, 08:00 (UTC)
    First Session Cap: 200,000,000 WXT (~$1,000,000 USD)
    Second Session: Jul 1, 09:00 (UTC)
    First Session Cap: 200,000,000 WXT (~$1,000,000 USD)
    Price: 1 WXT = $0.005 USD

    Lockup: 6 months

    Date: Jun 13 - Undisclosed
    Cap: 200,000,000 WXT (~$2,000,000 USD)
    Price: 1 WXT = $0.01 USD

    Private sale
    Lockup: 1-24 months

    Date: Undisclosed
    Cap: $8,000,000 USD
    Price: 1 WXT = $0.01 USD

    Team Members

    Team member

    Pavel Matveev


    Team member

    Dmitry Lazarichev


    Wataru Kojima

    Japan CEO

    Team member

    Dashiell Lipscomb

    Asian MD

    Team member

    Martin Lamming


    Team member

    Michael Moore


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