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    LevelNet projects a impressive growth rate of its user base beginning in Q4 2018. We forecast 40M members by Q4 2019, 85M by Q4 2020 and approximately 110M by Q4 2021. We project the company’s revenues to reach $220 MLN by 2022, generating $80 MLN in free cashflow. EBITDA will reach $120 MLN in 2022. LevelNet’s user of system virtualization and peer-to-peer network technology will ideally keep capital expenditures within $1 MLN annually.Unlike many internet companies, LevelNet projects to generate significant profits for shareholders in relatively short time. For this reason, LevelNet is valuing the company using a traditional DCF (discounted cash flow) model. This yields a valuation of between $583 MLN and $1268 MLN.LevelNet is currently seeking to raise between $1.5 to approx. $12 MLN to finance the launch of the LevelNet Network. Investors and participant in the initial token offering (phase 2) may reach an ownership level of up to 40% in LevelNet. With funding of $18.5 MLN, that would value the entire company at $46.25 MLN. If a $1 billion valuation is reached, investors stand to earn a return of 2062% over 4-5 years, equivalent to a CAGR of 84.9%.
    Today’s cybersecurity solutions are limited. As one of the main providers finds a threat, it will often take significant time for that knowledge to be distributed. New malware takes advantage of this window of time to infect the greatest number of devices. LevelNet creates an integrate, global, and immediately responsive system to stop more malware and earlier than heretofore possible. As new cyber-security systems emerge they seamlessly integrate into the LevelNet network to further enhance overall protection.
    LevelNet is an informational security network where connected users exchange information about IT security incidents (viruses and any other computer threats) detected on their device. Information exchange happens in real time with other members connected to the network to prevent further attacks of malicious software. Device threat detection is done by monitoring the response of alien protection systems installed on the user device. Protection system response is analyzed by the client program and other means of analysis, located both on the users device and outside, on other nodes in the Network.

    Public Sale Ended

    10 May 2018

    Total raised
    $783,664 / $12,000,000



    Token type: Ethereum ERC-20

    ICO price: 1 LVL = 0.01 USD

    Finite token number: 1500000000

    Token Allocation: 80% Public, 5% Advisors, 5% Options pool, 5% Airdrop, 3% Wings, 2% Bounties

    Status: Whitepaper, Working Prototype

    Accepting Currencies: ETH, BTC, LTC, USD

    Token: LVL

    Availability: Worldwide

    crowd sale

    Cap: 12,000,000 USD
    April 20, 2018 - May 10, 2018
    3-10% Bonus


    Twitter 4,668 followers

    Telegram 6 members

    Team Members


    Pavel Shkliaev

    CEO & Founder

    Alexander Bodiagin

    Alex Bodiagin

    CTO & Founder

    Anton Aksenov

    Anton Aksenov

    COO & Co-founder

    Aleksandr Fedotov

    Aleksandr Fedotov


    Arthur Eolyan

    Arthur Eolyan



    Dave Anderson

    Dave Anderson



    Sergei Sergeenko


    Mikhail Savchenko

    Mikhail Savchenko



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