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    Insolar builds an open-source enterprise-grade blockchain platform to enable seamless cross-company interactions and create new growth opportunities
    Today’s business landscape is becoming increasingly interconnected: 36% of companies are connecting to and sharing data with twice as many stakeholders (customers, partners, vendors, etc.) than they were two years ago. Legacy systems weren’t built for these demands and, as a result, they’re severely bottlenecked by a host of issues: security, compliance, interoperability, speed, scalability, governance, and onboarding costs. Exacerbating these issues is that 80% of corporate data lives in heavily guarded, centralized silos, meaning that a lot of time and resources are wasted transporting, cleansing, and verifying data. By powering distributed business networks, blockchain technology is the best solution to the connectivity problem. But existing alternatives fall short of the very long checklist of requirements needed for real-world enterprise deployment. And even when they come close, companies balk at the expensive upfront investments required in IT labor, training, and infrastructure. At the same time, the rise of blockchain and distributed business networks is enabling new, disruptive business models, like disintermediation, asset digitization, and new forms of value exchanges. But again, alternative platforms either weren’t built with enterprise in mind from the beginning, lack a robust developer or service ecosystem, fall short of a key compliance requirement, or are inordinately expensive to get up-and-running. There is also a major problem with noise. With so many blockchains on the market, it’s difficult to determine who will even be around six months from now.
    INS token is the cornerstone part of Insolar Blockchain and Insolar Applications with numerous usages (namely, staking, payments, voting and incentives)

    Public Sale Ended

    25 Dec 2017

    Total raised
    $45,800,000 / $45,800,000



    Token: INS

    Token type: Ethereum ERC-20

    ICO price: 1 INS = $0.558498 USD

    Finite token number: 50,000,000

    Token Allocation: 65% Distributed | 20% Reserved | Team 15%

    INS token

    Current price:
    0.2627257 $ (-0.434 %)
    0.000072568 BTC
    0.002142225 ETH

    Volume 24H:
    Market Cap:

    ROI since ICO

    • USD




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    Team Members

    Insolar Team Member

    Andrey Zhulin


    Peter Fedchenkov


    Dmitry Zhulin


    Insolar Team Member

    Pavel Sherbinin


    Insolar Team Member

    Kirill Ivkshkin

    Chief Architect


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