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    Hedge is a trading platform that allows users to purchase trading predictions from ranked and experienced traders for them to replicate and to gain knowledge from.
    Hedge bridges the gap in knowledge between expert and novice traders by providing incentive to share knowledge with one another.
    The HEDG token is used to unlock Blueprints which are trading predictions made by experienced traders for novice traders to replicate, or to follow along with.

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    • Win-Win situation for all parties involved in the platform: Hedge is offering traders the opportunity: To earn tokens if they publish successful trades on the platform To earn a reputation as successful traders – there is a track record of all trades. Hedge is offering all users of the platform the ability to copy trades of successful traders. Unlike other platforms, the trade includes the enter and exit position of the trade.
    • Fair Public Sale Terms: Hedge is to raise a total of $10m for 50% of their tokens, in current market conditions, it is a reasonable hard cap. Also, the token price for the public sale is the same price as sold in the private sale (which raised $9m). The fact that the majority of the tokens are sold at the same price should help the price once the token is listed on exchanges.
    • The success of the platform = Rise in token price: The Hedge token is used as the only mean of payment in the platform. This creates a high correlation between the success of the platform and the rise in token demand. As more users join the platform and pay to unlock trades or to stake tokens, the more tokens will be bought from the market.


    • Market Penetration: Hedge needs to attract a significant number of users to their platform. User adoption might be the hardest challenge for the team. To-date, no strategic partnership that could help to attract users has been publicly announced as of yet. Hedge will try to penetrate the market using a few tactics. One of them is to attract crypto influencers to their platform, and hopefully, their followers will follow. Those influencers will have a chance to prove to their followers that they are indeed successful traders and to earn Hedge tokens on their successful trades.

    Public Sale Ended

    18 Oct 2018

    Total raised
    $10,100,000 / $10,100,000

    Token: HEDG

    Token type: ERC-20

    ICO price: 1 HEDG = $0.02 USD

    Finite token number: 1,000,000,000 HEDG

    Token Allocation: 50% Token Rounds | 20% for Hedge Team | 10% Seed Round | 12% for Community | 5% for Reserve | 3% for Advisors

    Availability: USA, China, Singapore and Canada citizens are excluded

    Status: Whitepaper, MVP and Working Prototype are Ready

    Accepted Currencies: ETH

    crowd sale
    Raised: $9 Mln USD in Round 1

    Cap: $10,100,000 USD
    Oct 17 - Nov 17



    Team Members

    David Hedge Team Member

    David Waslen


    Adrian Hedge Team Member

    Adrian Radulescu

    Core Developer

    Peter Danihel - Lead Developer

    Peter Danihel

    Lead Developer

    Frank Hedge Team Member-min

    Frank Danihel


    Rhys Hedge Team Member-min

    Rhys Boulanger

    Marketing & SEO


    Satoshi fund logoWW Capital Partners Logo


    University of Edinburgh Logo-minLondon Business School Logo

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