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    Hdac is an IoT contract platform based on the blockchain, which not only exchanges but also can restrict the usage according to the purpose as it is 'Smart Coin' which controls the connected devices.
    In an environment such as a smart home or factory, various devices equipped with sensors, which are closely interconnected using a private blockchain, can be configured to operate more safely and reliably in accordance with each other’s conditions

    Public Sale Ended

    23 Dec 2017

    Total raised
    $20,000,000 / $87,700,000



    Token: DAC

    Token type: New Blockchain

    ICO price: 1 BTC = 220 DAC

    Token Allocation: 7% Public

    Availability: Worldwide

    Status: Whitepaper

    Accepted Currencies: BTC

    ROI since ICO

      DAC token

      Current price: 0.0236030753$,
      0.00000730BTC, 0.0002798465ETH
      Volume 24H: 194,295$ Market Cap: $


      Twitter 3,621 followers

      Facebook 10,751 likes

      Telegram 3,571 members

      Team Members

      Dae-Sun Chung


      Managing Director at Doublechain

      Devon Choi

      Development Senior Director

      CEO Company at eNemo Partners ILC

      William Chun

      Blockchain Evangelist

      Advisory Board

      Pioneer investor in Blockchain, Co-founder & CEO of London-quoted Coinsilium (NEX:COIN), venture builder & accelerator Stanford University

      Eddy Travia

      Manager(IR) at Samsung Electronics

      Larry Kim

      Founder & Director at Origin Tracker

      ​Stuart Cobby


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