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    ELONCITY decentralizes our power infrastructure into millions of self-sufficient microgrids. Locally produced energy is available 24/7 and directly competitive to utilities. Energy price becomes transparent to all. People use eloncity's open technologies to make electricity virtually free so that we can electrify the world with clean energy.
    Must warrant vibrant and sustained growth solutions for natural disasters, population growth, and climate change, new approaches to energy production and distribution are needed. A multifaceted solution that employs decentralized renewable energy resources to eradicate barriers to attaining safe, healthy, vibrant and equitable energy future. microgrid. This type of decentralized community-based renewable microgrid holds tremendous potential for fortifying the centralized grids and solving the problems threatening our energy safety and security.
    Token facilitates local energy exchange and incentivize investment in the battery energy storage system (BESS) for storing harvested renewable energy, Token serves as a medium of exchange for energy transactions.

    Public Sale Starts At

    Unknown date

    Total Hardcap $33,000,000

    Token: ECT

    Token type: ERC-20

    ICO price: 1 ECT = 0.12 USD

    Finite token number: 1,000,000,000 ECT

    Token Allocation: 32% - Token Sold, 32% - Mining for Stored Renewables, 14.5% - Eloncity Lab, 14% - Marketing, 7.5% - Team

    Availability: China and US are Exempted.

    Status: Whitepaper is ready

    Accepted currencies: ETH


    Cap: 10,000,000 USD

    crowd sale

    Cap: $33,000,000 USD


    Twitter 18,354 followers

    Telegram 322 members

    Team Members

    Eloncity Team Member

    Andy Li


    Eloncity Team Member

    Michael Nguyen

    VP of Program Management

    Eloncity Team Member

    Justin Wang

    Product Manager

    Eloncity Team Member

    Gregary Liu

    Marketing Director,

    Eloncity Team Member

    Dunping Yao

    Hardware Engineering Manager

    Eloncity Team Member

    Peng Xu

    Software Engineering Manager

    Eloncity Team Member

    Haichuan Jiang

    System Verification Manager

    Eloncity Team Member

    Allen Ding

    Project Manager

    Advisory board

    Eloncity Advisor

    lee Enso


    Eloncity Advisor

    qu haifeng


    Eloncity Advisor

    Howard Choy


    Eloncity Advisor

    Michael Yuan


    Eloncity Advisor

    Robert Fortunato


    Eloncity Advisor

    Robert Mao



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