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TV-TWO builds a Blockchain-based ecosystem for video entertainment on the big screen that allows consumers to earn crypto watching TV.
TV-TWO fights the lack of transparency in TV advertisement and the unfair distribution of marketing budgets by rewarding consumers for their attention and shared data.
The TTV token is the means of payment to purchase advertisement spots inside our decentralized video stream. The TTV is handed on to the consumers that actually watched the spot.

Public Sale Ended

24 Jul 2018

Total raised
$8,102,986 / $3,140,969

Token: TTV

Token type: ERC-20

ICO price: 1 TTV = 0.0001 ETH

Finite token number: 666,666,667 TTV

Token Allocation: Available for Purchase: 75%, Team Members: 15% (vested over three years), Supporters: 6%, Campaigns: 4%

Availability: US citizens exempted

Status: Whitepaper available

Accepted Currencies: ETH, BTC

crowd sale
Token distribution at last day of ICO

Cap: 25,000 ETH
May 24 - July 24

Team Members

image07 – Philipp Schulz

Philipp Schulz


image06 – Philipp Schulz

Jan Hofste


image37 – Philipp Schulz

Nicolas Schnorpfeil


image86 – Philipp Schulz

Christopher Obereder


image91 – Philipp Schulz

Phillip Rottschaefer


Advisory Board

image49 – Philipp Schulz
Ex member of the Ethereum Foundation

David Ben Kay

Legal Advisory

image33 – Philipp Schulz

Tim Wegner

Product Adviser

image71 – Philipp Schulz

Philip Nunn

Investor Relationship Adviser

image50 – Philipp Schulz
Editor at Cryptocoin.news and Irish Tech News

Simon Cocking

Marketing Adviser

image88 – Philipp Schulz

Harold Kim

Asia Relations Adviser




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