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    Quoinblock ICO

    Quoinblock: a new blockchain platform and ecosystem based on new science and a new blockchain philosophy. its main goal is to move blockchain to the mainstream. Quoinblock is a quantum-resistant and green blockchain platform. To ensure that the ecosystem is quantum-safe, Quoinblock employs a scheme based upon temporal signatures that are built using cryptographic hash functions. Other models are also supported.
    Pro-Regulation : Regtech-Regulation and Law Abiding Functions Inbuilt are in the architecture. High Security, Post-Quantum and Smart Contract Verification. Green Mining: A Green Mining Model with A New Consensus Scheme, Work your Stake(WyS) incentivises mining similar to PoW, yet requires no excess use of energy .
    Tokens will be used to pay for smart contract execution, escrow, Exchange and custody services, etc.

    Public Sale Starts At

    Unknown date

    Hardcap is unknown

    Token: QUO

    Token type: Own wallet

    Status: Whitepaper is ready.

    crowd sale

    Expected Date: Q2 2019


    Twitter 1,914 followers

    Telegram 4,809 members

    Team Members

    Quoinblock team

    Prof. Bill Roscoe

    Chief Scientist

    Quoinblock team

    Dr. Bangdao Chen


    Quoinblock team

    Isaac Livne


    Quoinblock team

    Pedro Antonino

    Chief Engineer


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