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PepperDB is a decentralized database for PURE DApps. It provides SQL/NoSQL compatible protocol which allows developers to build decentralized applications with existing tech stack and deploy them with no pains. PepperDB uses on-chain and off-chain mixed technology to achieve both high availability and storage capacity.
Pepper Rank system, PepperDB is able to self-evolving continuously. Project provides a SDK that supports SQL/NoSQL operations directly on the blockchain, which release developers from coding and testing complex smart contracts. PepperDB also supports fully distributed applications via a DApp Store that is embedded into the wallet. Nowadays, almost all existing DApps were deployed on centralized servers to handle user requests, and help users to store/query blockchain data.
Token will be used for the payments, transactions and for utility purposes.

Public Sale Starts At

Unknown date

Total Hardcap $1,413,436 (11,250 ETH)

Token: PDT

Token type: Own Wallet

ICO price: 1 PDT = 0.00133 ETH

Finite token number: 1,000,000,000 PDT

Token Allocation: 40% Fundraising, 30% Team, 21% Previous Investors, 9% Community motivation

Availability: China and US are Exempted.

Status: Whitepaper is ready.

private sale
Contact at 'contact@pepperdb.org' for details

Cap: Undisclosed
Currently Active


Cap: 4,500 ETH
Date: Undisclosed

crowd sale

Cap: 11,250 ETH
Date: Undisclosed




Team Members

PepperDB Team

Roy Guo


PepperDB Team

Sean Fu


PepperDB Team

Rémy Trichard


PepperDB Team

Peng Lei

Co-Founder & Tech Leader

Advisory board

PepperDB Team

Guojun Ma


PepperDB Team

Qingqi Pei


PepperDB Team

Guangxuan Luo


PepperDB Team

Leon Han



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