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    With the Hydra Blockchain, Pantercon develops the economic cycle 3.0, which focuses on the support of start-ups and a multifunctional business network. Hydra works with sidechains, which means that there are hardly any limits to the possibilities of the applications.
    We create a platform on which innovative, future-oriented ideas make it easier for start-up founders to raise capital without having to face the bank, crowdfunding platforms or the immense expense of an ICO. Pantercon reinvents corporate financing!
    PANK tokens circulate in the economic cycle 3.0 and are necessary to produce HXP. HXP is the fuel of the Hydra Blockchain and, like PANX, is traded on the stock exchange.

    Public Sale Ended

    31 Jan 2019

    Total Hardcap

    Token: PANX

    Token type: ERC-20

    Finite token number: 1,000,000,000 PANX

    Token Allocation: Ongoing platform development 40% | Administrative expenses, labor costs, etc. 20% | Marketing Pantercon Projects, Startups 20% | Partnerships, community, workshops 10% | Legal and financial advice 5% | Reserve 5%

    Availability: USA and South Korean Citizens Excluded

    Status: Whitepaper Ready and MVP Coming Soon

    Accepted Currencies: ETH


    Nov 1, 2018 - Nov 30, 2018
    Bonus: phase 1 - 30% | phase 2 - 20% | phase 3 - 10%

    crowd sale
    Token Distribution: At time of purchase

    Cap: 35,000 ETH
    Dec 1, 2018 - Jan 31, 2019


    Twitter 3,283 followers

    Telegram 6,466 members

    Team Members

    Pantercon Team Member

    Manuel Sparer


    Pantercon Team Member

    Peter Jammernegg


    Pantercon Team Member

    DI (FH) Johannes Krause


    Pantercon Team Member

    Michaela Rupprechter


    Pantercon Team Member

    Markus Gahn


    Pantercon Team Member

    Hannes Jenewein


    Advisory Board

    Pantercon Team Member

    Naviin Kapoor


    Pantercon Team Member

    Kamal Mustafa


    Pantercon Team Member

    Jane Iyamah Mkpa

    Advisor, Community Manager

    Pantercon Team Member

    Judith Imafidon

    Community Manager

    Pantercon Team Member

    Sascha Manzl

    Advisor - Insurance and financial advisors

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