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    OATH Protocol

    OATH is building a decentralized, standard, and extensible public chain-agnostic protocol that protects dApp users’ rights and assets. OATH’s dispute resolution protocol is modeled on the common-law jury system and utilizes blockchain, cryptographic algorithms, random algorithms associated with categories and attributes, jurors’ credit level, and case-tracking technology.
    OATH will provide extensions for multiple smart contract programming languages, allowing users to agree on dispute resolution solutions and default claims agreements when writing smart contracts or blockchain applications. OATH will also provide an infrastructure layer for dApps so that developers can directly integrate OATH protocol. The templates will include many typical applications and scenarios, such as e-commerce, copyright protection, OTC transactions, and others. The heart of the OATH protocol is our jury community. They protect the integrity of smart contracts that incorporate the OATH protocol by adjudicating any potential disputes.
    Token will be used for payments, transactions and for utility purposes across the platform.

    Public Sale Starts At

    Unknown date

    Hardcap is unknown

    Token: OATH

    Token type: ERC-20

    Finite token number: 10,000,000,000 OATH

    Token Allocation: 30% Fund raising, 30% Community, 20% Marketing, 10% Partnership, 20% Team Motivation

    Availability: China and USA are restricted.

    Status: Whitepaper is ready.

    Accepted currencies: ETH


    Cap: $2,000,000 USD

    crowd sale

    Cap: $10,000,000 USD


    Twitter 1,813 followers

    Facebook 2,234 likes

    Telegram 4,808 members

    Team Members

    OATH Team

    Yin Xu

    Co-founder & CEO

    OATH Team

    Jenny Vatrenko

    Co-founder & COO

    OATH Team

    Hongwei Wang

    Co-founder & Head of Engineering

    OATH Team

    Will Zhang


    OATH Team

    Danyao ZHOU

    Head of Design

    OATH Team

    Alice Fu

    Head of Quantitative Modeling

    OATH Team

    Michael Wurzinger

    Head of Business Development & CM

    OATH Team

    Xiaoyu Huang

    Content Manager

    Advisory board

    OATH Team

    Jia Tian


    OATH Team

    Xiahong Lin


    OATH Team

    David Hong


    OATH Team

    Dafeng Guo



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