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    NOIA is the next-generation, decentralized Content Delivery Network - powered by blockchain technology. It utilizes unused bandwidth and storage from computers around the world to create a widely distributed and decentralized layer of the internet’s infrastructure to dramatically improve how data is delivered across the internet.
    The core principle of NOIA’s working model is caching a website’s content across a decentralized network of computers in a way that allows it to be delivered to a user in the fastest way possible. When using NOIA, website’s content is automatically cached and scaled throughout the network according to the location of its users and the traffic it gets. As a result, when a users loads a website, the content is delivered directly from NOIA’s network to the user (browser or app) without requesting it from the source where it is hosted
    The NOIA Network will issue its own token, called a “NOIA Token”, as a medium of exchange (payment) for its participants. A NOIA Token will be a utility token used to transfer value among NOIA Network participants. The token will be compliant with the ERC223 token standards (ERC20 compatible).

    Public Sale Starts At

    Unknown date

    Hardcap is unknown

    Token: NOIA

    Token type: ERC-20

    Finite token number: 1,000,000,000 NOIA

    Status: Whitepaper and Test Net is Ready

    crowd sale

    Cap: Undisclosed
    Date: First Half of 2019


    Twitter 16,339 followers

    Telegram 12,574 members

    Team Members

    NOIA Team Member

    Domas Povilauskas

    Co-founder / Business

    NOIA Team Member

    Kipras Kazlauskas

    Co-founder / Investments

    NOIA Team Member

    Domantas Jaskunas

    Co-founder / Operations

    NOIA Team Member

    Justinas Valutavicius

    Co-founder / Senior CSL developer

    NOIA Team Member

    James D. Robinson

    CDN architecture

    NOIA Team Member

    Miao Zhicheng

    NOIA architect / developer

    NOIA Team Member

    Jonas Simanavicius


    NOIA Team Member

    Virginijus Magelinskas

    CDN architect

    Advisory Board

    NOIA Adviser

    Edwin-Alexander Kuss

    Sales strategy

    NOIA Adviser

    Joony Koo


    NOIA Adviser

    Mirza Uddin


    NOIA Adviser

    Tobias Spröhnle

    Business Development

    NOIA Adviser

    Tadas Langaitis


    NOIA Adviser

    Marc X. Ellul



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