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    Mithril Ore is a limited in quantity tokenized asset with an utilization case based on the anticipated Ethereum proof of stake known as ‘Casper’.
    Mithril Ore Token aims to merge the ‘best of both worlds.’ While the token is staked, the token holder is free to use the token for purposes of trading, redeeming, or exchanging for goods or services; all the while, the “Mithril Ore Token” increases in value by virtue of the Ether backing it. The Ether not only holds value in and of itself, but provides for an increase in value through staking.
    Tokens, will signify pooling, mining, and staking Ethereum.

    Public Sale Ends on October 4th 2019

    231 Days Left

    Total raised
    $1,971,590 / $6,281,936



    Token: MORE

    Token type: ERC-20

    Finite token number: 500,000

    Token Allocation: 93% for - Token sale, 1% - for infrastructure, administration, and marketing, 6% - for Mithril Ore Corporation Limited

    Status: Whitepaper is ready.

    Accepted currencies: ETH

    crowd sale

    Cap: 23,018,000 USD
    May 7- Jan 04

    Status: Crowd sale has been started


    Twitter 3,317 followers

    Facebook 30,256 likes

    Team Members

    Laura Hopkins


    James Scribner


    Lawrence Brown

    Chief Technical Officer

    David Hairston

    Director of Project Management

    Victor Tan

    Chair Web and Software Development

    Matthew Steehler

    Founder, President Board of Directors

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