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    M2O Project

    All the mileage and points, it will be one in M2O. M2O will integrate the existing mileage and point markets and builds global membership services through Blockchain.
    M2O's dream is to create a platform that will satisfy both consumers and operators. Therefore, M2O will have such a sense of mission and will create a new paradigm of mileage and points market around the world by fully utilizing all of our capabilities.
    M2O Token will be converted to M2O Coin or M2O Pay, M2O Pay is a prepaid card, master card, consumers will be able to use their M2O Pay as cash at our affiliates. That prepaid card was tested in Vietnam.

    Evaluation Score


    Public Sale Ended

    23 Nov 2018

    Total Hardcap

    Token: M2O

    Token type: ERC-20

    ICO price: 1 M2O = 0.0083 ETH

    Finite token number: 35,000,000,000 M2O

    Token Allocation: ICO - 40%, Marketing - 14%, Management Cost - 13%, Bounties - 10%, Founder - 10%, Developer - 10%, Donation - 3%

    Availability: US and Chinese Citizens Excluded

    Status: Whitepaper Ready

    Accepted Currencies: ETH

    private sale

    Cap: Undefined
    May 10 - Jul 31


    Cap: Undefined
    Jul 31 - Aug 17

    crowd sale
    Token Distribution: Immediately After Purchasing

    Cap: $56,000,000 USD
    Oct 29 - Nov 23

    Team Members

    M2O Team Mmeber

    Henry Kim


    M2O Team Mmeber

    Kwang-il Kim


    M2O Team Mmeber

    Sung-jin Kang


    M2O Team Mmeber

    Su-bok Hwang


    M2O Team Mmeber

    Song-hui Moon

    Marketing Director

    Advisory Board

    M2O Memeber

    Gap-soo Seo

    Investment Advisor

    M2O Memeber

    Jeong-bae Lee

    Education Advisor

    M2O Memeber

    Yang-mee Kim

    Platform policy advisor

    M2O Memeber

    Yeong-bae Mun

    Blockchain technology advisor

    M2O Memeber

    Gun-il Wang



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