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Iryo Network ICO

Iryo Network is a zero-knowledge health record storage platform, with an anonymous query interface. It uses blockchain permission controls for patient record access and tokens to incentivize end users consent enabling artificial intelligence (AI) research.
The solution to managing this risk is zero-knowledge data storage which is resistant to all attacks, including state-actors or “inside jobs’’. This works by way of users encrypting their data on their mobile device(s) with a public key. Copies of encrypted health records are stored on three geographically and managerially redundant storage nodes. Local copy, the clinic doesn't need to rely on an internet connection and it is fairly distributed. Decentralized (not centrally controlled) and protected by thousands of people at the same time.
Token enables patients to monetize and leverage their medical data while keeping it secure. Token will be used as utility across the platform.

Public Sale Starts At

Unknown date

Total Hardcap $26,000,000

Token: IRYO

Token type: ERC-20

ICO price: 1 IRYO = 0.11 USD

Finite token number: 300,000,000 IRYO

Token Allocation: 80% Crowdsale, 5% Airdrops, 5% Private Sale, 10% Team + Iryo.

Availability: China and South Korea are Exempted.

Status: Whitepaper is ready.

Accepted currencies: ETH, EOS


Cap: $8,000,000 USD
Mar 28 – Apr 4

crowd sale

Cap: $26,000,000 USD

Team Members

Iryo team member

Vasja Bočko


Iryo team member

Dominik Znidar


Iryo team member

Peter Kuralt

Head of Strategic Development

Iryo team member

Andrej Mihelic

UX/UI Designer

Iryo team member

Tjasa Zajc

Business Development & Communications

Iryo team member

Alberto Malave

Project Manager

Iryo team member

Luka Percic

Lead Blockchain Researcher

Iryo team member

Crt Vavros

Blockchain Developer & Security Advisor

Advisory board

Iryo advisor

Andraž Logar


Iryo advisor

Maja Zadel


Iryo advisor

Brian de Francesca


Iryo advisor

Mate Beštek


Iryo advisor

Lea Dias


Iryo advisor

Homero Rivas



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