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Guider - direct connection travellers and guides with a principle of Uber! With transparent blockchain trust.
Guider helps to facilitate and speed up the search for a suitable guide for travelers, and helps guides to reach their potential! Our aim is to provide transparent service using blockchain technology and to ensure maximum compatibility between the guide and the traveler, from reviews and ratings, to personalized recommendations through neural analysis of accumulated and external Big Data.
The tokens can be spent on platform Guider.travel for paying portal commission with discount and then they will be burned, thereby reducing the number of tokens being in free circulation, which leads to an increase in their value on the exchange.

IEO Ended

10 Jun 2019

Total Hardcap

Token: GDR

Token type: ERC-20

ICO price: 1 GDR = 0.0001 ETH

Finite token number: 300,000,000 GDR

Token Allocation: Exchange circulation 60, Team and Advisors 15,Marketing 15, Reserve 10

Availability: Chinese citizens excluded

Status: Whitepaper and Working Product Ready

Accepted Currencies : ETH, BTC, USDT

IEO on Probit
Token Distribution: Jun 10

Date: May 10 - Jun 10
Cap: 7000 ETH
Price: 1 GDR = 0.0001 ETH




Team Members

Guider - team member

Nechai Leo


Guider - team member

Barbolin Viacheslav

Software architect

Guider - team member

Vaduhin Oleg

Back-end developer

Guider - team member

Ermakov Andrey

Front-end web developer

Guider - team member

Soloviev Andrey

Financial director

Advisory Board

Guider - Advisor

Yaralayn Sergey

Product marketing advisor

Guider - Advisor

Trippler Timo

Relations advisor

Guider - Advisor

Godfrey Reuben

Relations advisor

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