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    GLASS is a decentralized liquidity and settlement network for crypto trading platforms and exchanges. Participating exchanges will deepen their liquidity, drive incremental transaction volume and settle compliant token transactions in all jurisdictions, even if regulators deem these tokens to be securities. The GLASS network will be initially anchored by SharesPost’s U.S. Alternative Trading System for digital and other unregistered securities.
    The Global Liquidity and Settlement System (GLASS) provides complete liquidity and compliant settlement solutions for crypto exchanges. Exchanges may use GLASS’s liquidity pooling functions without using its settlement features and vice versa.
    GLASS will use the GLASS token to build and incentivize a community of crypto exchanges around the world. For participating exchanges, GLASS will effectively become the shared liquidity and settlement infrastructure. Use of that common infrastructure will be “taxed” by the charging of GLASS tokens. To encourage service providers to join the network and maintain that infrastructure, the network will pay GLASS tokens to the service providers.

    Public Sale Ended

    30 Sep 2018

    Hard cap is unknown

    Token: GLASS

    Token type: ERC-20

    Status: Whitepaper ready

    ROI since ICO

      GLASS token

      Current price: $,
      BTC, ETH
      Volume 24H: $ Market Cap: $


      Telegram 2,205 members

      Team Members

      Gregory Brogger

      Founder and CEO

      John Wu


      Noah Thorp

      Blockchain Architect

      Marie Jorajuria


      Lydia Chiu


      Vijay Chetty

      VP Business Development

      Advisory Board

      Jehan Chu


      John D’Agostino


      Thomas Lee




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