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Fragments is an algorithmic reserve and monetary supply policy for creating low volatility Ethereum Standard tokens, and our mission is to produce a fair and stable money for the world. At a high level the Fragments protocol stabilizes price by moving volatility from unit price to unit count.
Fragments were designed to converge on the characteristics of Ideal Money, a theoretical solution to the conflict between short-term and long-term objectives when creating a world reserve currency. As a result, currencies adopting the Fragments protocol can store both near and long term value, making them suitable for both spending and holding.
USD Fragments can serve as a medium of exchange, a hedge against other cryptocurrencies, and a service for utility token developers. USD Fragments can be used to fulfill the same needs Tether does today, with an auditable on-chain reserve and supply policy. When floating price currencies dip, traders retreat into stable currencies. In our case, this demand pressure triggers an increase in supply that is maximally distributed to coin-holders as a byproduct of stabilization. Developers creating utility tokens are eager to take advantage of the network effects inherent in floating price tokens. But beyond using tokens to represent the value of a network, developers also use tokens to denominate value (ie: 1GB of storage token). The Fragments platform will be offered as a service, allowing developers to easily develop functional utility tokens that retain network effects.

Public Sale Starts At

Unknown date

Hardcap is unknown

Token: FRG

Token type: ERC-20

Status: Whitepaper Available

crowd sale

Cap: TBA
Date: TBA



Team Members

Evan Kuo Fragments Team Member

Evan Kuo

Engineer / Product

Brandon Fragments Member

Brandon Iles

Engineer / Architecture

ahmed Fragments Member

Ahmed Naguib Aly

Engineer / Backend

aditya Fragments Member

Aditya Sarawgi

Engineer / Backend

nithin Fragments Member

Nithin Krishna

Engineer / Backend

Jessica Fragments Member

Jessica Yen

Branding / Operations

Advisory Board

Joey Fragments Member
Co-Chief Investment Officer at Pantera Capital and Co-Founder @ Augur

Joey Krug


Noah Jessop Fragments

Noah Jessop


Michael Karnjanaprakorn Fragments

Michael K.


Paul Veradittakit Fragments
nvestor at Pantera Capital, Advisor at Origin Protocol, ICON. Enigma etc.

Paul Veradittakit


Sam Lessin Fragments

Sam Lessin



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