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    Debitum Network

    Borderless SME business financing. Leveraging Blockchain technology to secure and distribute fiat investments to the SME world. Decentralized, accessible, and fair.
    Global credit gap ($2 trillion) for small and medium business financing.
    It will have Utility value (to pay for services) & Toll value (service providers will freeze some to guarantee quality). Moreover, Debitum token will be used to execute trust smart contracts to ensure transparent and objective trust ratings.

    Public Sale Ended

    25 Feb 2018

    Total raised
    $17,200,000 / $17,200,000

    Token: DEB

    Token type: Ethereum ERC-223

    ICO price: 1 DEB = 0.0001538 ETH

    Finite token number: 400,000,000 DEB

    Token Allocation: 60% ICO

    Availability: USA citizens excluded

    Accepted Currencies: ETH

    Additional Information

    Round A
    Step 1
    8700 DEB for 1 ETH

    Round B
    Step 2-7800 DEB for 1 ETH, for up to 500 ETH
    20% bonus

    Step 3-7500 DEB for 1 ETH, after 1 step up to 2 000 ETH
    15% bonus

    Step 4-7150 DEB for 1 ETH, after 2 step up to 6 000 ETH
    10% bonus

    Step 5-6850 DEB for 1 ETH, after 3 step up to 14 000 ETH
    5% bonus

    Step 6-6500 DEB for 1 ETH, after 4 step up to 20 000 ETH

    Team Members


    Mārtiņš Liberts

    Co-Founder / Visionary


    Justas Šaltinis

    Co-Founder / Financing operations


    Mažvydas Mackevičius

    Technology lead


    Märt Lume

    Lead product manager

    Advisory Board


    Tadas Langaitis

    Investor relations advisor

    Product Architect at Bancor

    Eyal Hertzog

    Crypto advisor


    Michael Ricks

    Financial services advisor



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