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    P2P financial gamification based on Blockchain technology
    The traditional financial trading is becoming less and less relevant for the new generation of traders.
    BOK Token will become the only acceptable token to enter the competitions on Blockium app, as well as deposited into the application and withdrawn to the crypto wallets/exchanges.

    IEO at Bitforex Ended

    27 Jun 2019

    Total Hardcap

    Token: BOK

    Token type: ERC-20

    ICO price: 1 BOK = $0.023 USD

    Finite token number: 650,000,000 BOK

    Token Allocation: Blockium Labs 23%, Team 21%, Strategic partnership 20%, Marketing & Ecosystem 18%, IEO 10%, Airdrop 3%, Advisors 2%, Private round 2%, Pre-launch users 1%

    Availability: US Citizens Excluded

    Status: Status: Working Product Ready with more than 30,000 Users

    Accepted Currencies: ETH, BTC

    IEO on Coineal
    Token Distribution: Jun 26, 2019

    Date: Jun 24, 2019
    4% of Total Token Supply: 26,000,000 BOK (~$598,000 USD)
    Price: 1 BOK = $0.023 USD

    IEO on Bitforex
    Token Distribution: Jun 26, 2019

    Date: Jun 20, 2019
    6% of Total Token Supply: 39,000,000 BOK (~$897,000 USD)
    Price: 1 BOK = $0.023 USD


    Twitter 1,977 followers

    Team Members

    Blockium - Team Member

    Gilad Raz


    Blockium - Team Member

    Guy Lando


    Blockium - Team Member

    Guy Oren


    Advisory Board

    Blockium - Advisor

    Jean-Emile ROSENBLUM


    Blockium - Advisor

    Patrice Giami


    Blockium - Advisor

    Bernard Kalfon



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