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    Bitsdaq is Bittrex exchange partner in Macau, Singapore, and Canada. Bitsdaq aims to build AsiaGlobal exchange network.
    Bitsdaq aims to provide an efficient, secured and transparent environment to facilitate the post-ICO development of outstanding crypto start-ups through building a second-to-none all- rounded IEO Exchange. Bitsdaq focuses more on localization.
    BQQQ is the utility token representing the revolution of a new generation of breakthroughs of the global financial market led by IEOs. The BQQQ token will have the uses: Value-added Service, BQQQ Trading Pairs, and IEO Platform Services.




    Stage of The Project


    Project Potential






    Token Sale Terms


    White Paper





    • Bittrex partnership: Utilizing Bittrex API, this will give them the option to create a joint order book with Bittrex also they will enjoy the advanced security technology of Bittrex's
    • Community: Bitsdaq will enjoy the massive hype of Bittrex is a strategic partner. Also, the marketing team of Bitsdaq had done some great job with a lot of mentions in various sites.


    • IEO Terms: their private investors got almost 50% discount, and they control more than 95% of the tokens that were sold. As an IEO investor, I would genuinely consider this issue.

    IEO Ended

    11 Jun 2019

    Total raised
    $6,000,000 / $6,500,000

    Token: BQQQ

    Token type: ERC-20

    ICO price: Will be announced on June 5th

    Finite token number: 10,000,000,000 BQQQ

    Token Allocation: 35% Marketing, user acquisition, ecosystem and community building 30% System upgrades, R&D, team expansion 15% Working capital and reserve 10% Legal, compliance and other professional services 10% Distributed to team members

    Availability: US and Chinese Citizens Excluded

    Status: Working Product Ready with More than 50,000 Users

    Accepted Currencies: BTC


    50,000,000 BQQQ (0.5% of the tokens)
    Cap: 325K-500K USD
    1 BQQQ = $0.0065 - $0.01 USD

    Private Round 2

    169,230,769 BQQQ (1.69% of the tokens)
    Cap: 1 M USD
    1 BQQQ = 0.0059 USD

    Private Round 1

    961,538,462 BQQQ (9.6% of the tokens)
    Cap: 5 M USD
    1 BQQQ = 0.005 USD

    Team Members

    Bitsdaq – Team Member
    Co-founded Iclick (listed on NASDAQ), IHT token

    Ricky Ng

    Co-Founder and CEO

    Bitsdaq – Team Member

    Adam Cole Jacobs

    Co-Founder and CSO

    Bitsdaq – Team Member

    Eric Dao

    Co-Founder and CTO

    Bitsdaq – Team Member

    Haley Chow

    Head of Business Operations

    Bitsdaq – Team Member

    Sprina Wang

    Marketing Director


    neo global capitalConsensus FinTech Group


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