Who We Are

CryptoPotato was established at the beginning of 2016 by crypto early adopters. CryptoPotato has recently become one of the world's leading information sources for crypto investors. We always insist on original high-quality content, and our site has set a goal to always look from the crypto investor’s point of view. We believe in Bitcoin, we believe in crypto, we believe in blockchain technology.

Yuval Gov

Co-founder and Market analyst

Yuval has over 15 years of trading experience in the stock exchange, graduated from TAU - Economics and Management. Breathing and doing Crypto projects since 2013. Does Crossfit to get away from FOMO.Contact Yuval: LinkedIn

Benjamin Pirus

Crypto Writer

BJ is a full time writer, editor, and trader in the cryptocurrency space. He has written countless professional articles for numerous ICOs, news sites, and other interested parties in the crypto space. He is also a trader, staying up to date with the crypto markets constantly, and dabbling in traditional financial market trading occasionally. Contact Ben: LinkedIn

Arnon Ben-Shahar

ICO Analyst

Arnon is an enthusiast data scientist. An expert in biodata and machine learning algorithms.Passionate about blockchain technology and algorithms. Contact Arnon: LinkedIn

Michiel Mulder

Crypto Writer

Young Applied Computing graduate. Fullstack Blockchain Developer with a passion for the crypto atmosphere. Contact Michiel: LinkedIn

Adi Carmon Scope

Writer & Podcast Manager

Adi is a serial entrepreneur with deep experience in the digital and crypto currency space. Adi founded Fractal to assist companies with their ICOs, primarily in architecting their Tokenomics. She holds a B.A. in Economics and an M.B.A in Business Management. Contact Adi: LinkedIn

Yoni Berger

Co-founder and Market analyst

Breathing crypto since early 2013. Yoni lives 24-7 analyzing market condition and current situation. One of his hobbies is mining very low-cap altcoins. Contact Yoni: Facebook

Danish Yasin

Crypto Writer

A freelance writer for more than 3 years and experienced in writing research papers, blogs and web articles. An aspiring Computer Scientist and tries to stay up to date with the latest technology trends. Contact Danish: LinkedIn

Ido Sadeh

ICO Analyst

Ido is a student for Law and Financial Economics at the IDC, with passion for the Crypto realm. conducting research as well as analysis of blockchain projects.Contact Ido: Facebook

Yonatan Govezensky

ICO Analyst

Yonatan is huge believer in Bitcoin and the blockchain technology. Vast experience of analyzing and investing in ICO projects since 2013. A fifth-year medical student at the Ben-Gurion University. Contact Yonatan: Facebook